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About Us

Our team is young, but highly educated, skillful and tech orineted and consist of devoted personnel structurally organized in “task-force” groups that are very flexible and agile and ready to meet any customer request and exceed the expectations.

Our team

Back in 2013, three friends decided to start their own business and Balkan Hills Travel and Real Estste Agency was born. Given common experience in tourism sector, real estate and management, they decided to serve a niche market with a focus on travelers and investors from Gulf Counties. Since that day, Balkan Hills constantly grows, and our scope of services now includes provision of consultancy services, business setup assistance and most importantly civil contracting services. Whether you need to just visit Bosnia, Serbia or Montenegro and have good time, or start a business there, Balkan Hills is your ideal choice.

How can we help you?

Balkan Hills is your one-stop-shop destination in Bosnia and other Balkan countries.

We are providing you assistance and guidance in every aspect of your property purchase journey, from legal requirements prior to purchase, through purchase process and after-sale maintenance and management of properties.

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